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Terms and Conditions


    No illegal firearms will be serviced

    I do not sell parts, I repair firearms

    I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

    All services performed will follow BATFE guidelines

    No semi-auto will be converted to a NFA Firearm

    Any unsafe condition found during service will be repaired

    No firearm will be returned dirty, appropriate charges apply

    I will not be responsible for work performed by any other person

  The customer understands that the repairs performed on the firearm(s) will be done to current industry standards. The Customer also understands that reasonable care will be given to the safety of the firearm(s). If customization on a firearm(s) was performed, it was done at the request of the customer and with full knowledge that it does not meet current industry standards and could render the firearm unsafe. The customer understands the customer is wholly responsible for its use, misuse, care, safety and accepts all responsibility for any direct or consequential damages resulting from the use or misuse of firearm(s), or for any injury that may occur. The customer understands they are fully responsible for any damages or claims caused by the firearm(s). The customer hereby releases Michael Hane from any loss, liability or claim caused by or in connection with firearm(s). The customer understands that the only warranties cover labor costs for repairs that are performed by Michael Hane. The customer also understands that there are no other warranties expressed or implied. KEEP ALL FIREARMS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

Certified Check, Money Order or Cash ONLY!